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At Star Consulting, we see patterns, connections, and possibilities for growth. Success requires working with the “big picture” as well as the strategies and details needed to take your organization forward. Star Consulting builds vibrant and strong organizations that are adaptable to changing times.

Here’s how we’ve helped our clients for over 20 years:

Organizations that have grown beyond the capacity of their volunteer workforce

We take over the details of office administration, membership records, data management, communications, financial systems and procedures, and event management, as needed. Our staff represents each organization with superb interpersonal and communication skills. We view our clients as partners in growth.

Organizations that have trouble motivating members to take active leadership roles

We create an environment that encourages creativity and excitement. We design programs to inspire participation and develop new leadership. We can help to identify the people with ideas and excitement — the ones who will drive the organization forward.

Organizations that need new ideas, events, and programs in order to attract and keep active members

We have run events and educational program in hotels, university clubs, restaurants, and other unique venues in the New York Metropolitan Area and other major U.S. cities. Our work includes the largest single dinner event at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. We have created systems and procedures that allow events and programs to run in an impeccable manner. Our well-planned communications procedures have reached out to motivate record-breaking attendance.

Presidents and Boards of Directors who want to create a positive lasting legacy of their leadership term

We get to know each president and board and understand their vision for their organization. Using our expertise in leadership and management, we help make this vision a reality. We focus on producing impeccable work today with an eye toward how this will impact the organization’s future.